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  • Saturday, 18th March, 2017
  • 21:46pm

Terms of service agreement

Root Server Service Agreement

In our continuous effort to introduce high level of reliability and performance to our customers, we are obliged to inform you to avoid the following actions:

  • Do not use fake source IPs.
  • Do not change the hardware address (MAC) manually.
  • Do not scan foreign networks or foreign IP addresses.
  • In case of operating “file sharing server”:-
    • Do not allow hosting of illegal files (pornographic material, stealth material, private materials of other people without permission).
    • Do not allow hosting of “copyright” protected materials (movies, music, books, images…etc).
    • Do not allow hosting of dangerous files (Viruses, worms, malwares, Trojans…etc).

In case of breaking any/all of the mentioned points or receiving any complaints about your server, Our technical department will review the server status and assesses the proper action to protect our datacenter and other customers.



We offer dedicated 1 Gbit uplink to all our dedicated servers.

The amount of free bandwidth we offer for each dedicated server is based upon basic monthly price for the server as shown in the table below.

Server PriceTraffic*
Up to $53.99 20 TB
$54.00 to $ 114.30 30 TB
$114.31 to $ 342.3 50 TB
$ 342.4 and above 100 TB

*The monthly traffic is only calculated with outgoing traffic. Incoming and internal traffic is not calculated.

Exceeding free bandwidth

After your server exceeds the free traffic limit, we restrict speed to 10 Mbit/s . You will receive warning messages via email prior to reaching the limit.

If your server is to exceed monthly free traffic in a regular basis, We offer an option to Extend Bandwidth , with extra fee 3 USD/TB. To request to “Extend Bandwidth” send an email / open a ticket to our technical support department with confirmation for extra charges.


Service termination

We offer different types of services:

  • Domain name service.
  • Dedicated IPs
  • SSL certificates.
  • Cloud hosting service.
  • Virtual private server.
  • Dedicated root servers.


You acknowledge and agree that service will terminated upon violation of following terms:

  1. Hosting sexual content of any age or gender.
  2. Hosting copyrighted content without having written permission from the owner upon reception of complain about it.
  3. Using our dedicated IPs and Servers for port scanning, hacking or attacking servers or networks.
  4. Non-payment of due invoices before grace period:
    1. IPs grace period : 14 Days from due date.
    2. VPS grace period : 10 Days from due date for monthly invoices,
      25 days from due date for quarterly invoices,
      45 days from due date for annual invoices.
    3. Dedicated root server :2 Days from due date .



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