As your business expands, so does the volume of visitors to your website and online applications.

In certain circumstances, cloud servers or shared hosting may no longer meet your needs, in which case a dedicated server may be the optimal solution.

In this guide, we’ll explain what dedicated servers are and address the most frequently asked queries about them on the internet, which are:

why you should host our website using dedicated servers

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What Are Dedicated Servers?

A dedicated server is a tangible server that offers superior performance and security to its consumers. A variety of options, including RAM, network features, security, hard drives, storage space, and processors, can be configured during setup.

Simply stated, it is a computer that stores your website’s data.

In addition to having control over your hardware, you also govern your software. You are the server’s administrator.

You are free to implement any operating systems, technologies, or frameworks you choose. This is ideal for those who wish to personalise their own server.

Additionally, since it is a dedicated server, it is only for you or your company/business, so no other websites are hosted on it. There is no risk associated with sharing space with potentially dangerous websites. It is the optimal solution for proprietors of websites that receive A LOT of daily traffic.

What is the cost of dedicated servers?

This form of security is more expensive than the average hosting service. The price of a dedicated server can vary widely depending on the amount of speed, memory, security, and service you require. Dedicated servers are intended for high-performance and secure websites. 

The average monthly cost for a dedicated server is approximately $100, although such plans are unlikely to include a fully-managed hosting package. However in 99CloudTech you can find dedicated servers starting from $39.99, check all plans here: Dedicated Hosting | 99CloudTech

However, a dedicated server is not suitable for everyone. As an illustration, we can consider the case of a newly founded venture with greater expenses than profits. Exclusive hosting can significantly strain a business’s finances. Therefore, rather than opting for a dedicated server from the outset, you can utilize other outstanding alternatives, such as a Virtual Private Server (VPS).

If you own an eCommerce store, however, you understand that credibility and security are crucial because you must maintain sensitive consumer information, such as credit card numbers. 

Because you won’t be sharing resources with other websites, all the firewall and security protocols are for your website’s exclusive use, reducing the likelihood of security vulnerabilities caused by third-party applications.

How do dedicated server work?

Having a dedicated server is comparable to residing alone in a super-modern, fully-equipped home with ample space to do whatever you please. You have access to everything and can make any modification you desire.
And, as its name suggests, this type of server is dedicated to the contracting organisation, meaning that the space is not shared with other businesses, thereby ensuring a significantly higher level of performance, flexibility, and security. 

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 What Are Steam’s Dedicated Servers?

This is for enthusiasts who wish to configure a game server with Steam CMD. A dedicated server on Steam is a server that provides you with complete control and unrestricted access to your server equipment. 
It’s a command-line version used to deploy and maintain the various dedicated servers running Steam PC titles.
To accomplish this, you must install Steam and establish a new account, as the account you use to enjoy games cannot be used to host games.

What Can A Dedicated Server Be Used For?

As stated previously, it is possible to host game servers. Or you can host websites on a dedicated server or virtual private server.
Remember that a dedicated server is your own modern home, complete with the most up-to-date appliances and ample space to do as you want. Using free and open-source software, such as Nextcloud, you can host your own private data synchronization service.
In addition, you can use your server as a firewall, use private analytics to better understand your customer base and enhance the performance of your website, and perform a number of other useful tasks that are exclusive to private servers.

What is the most important aspect of a dedicated server?

There are two primary reasons why dedicated servers are superior to other hosting options: authority and privacy.
The infrastructure is superior and gives you the ability to scale your systems as your business grows; it also administers your systems and data and provides complex online services and solutions. 

What Advantages Do Dedicated Servers Offer?

Since it is your own server, you have the freedom to customise RAM, network capabilities, security, hard drives, memory spaces, processors, etc. This “place” is accessible only to you.
Because your firewall can be better adapted, you have increased security and can avoid security vulnerabilities. In addition, because they are physical servers, they must be located in a high-security area, and you can add additional security measures such as biometric authentication, private security, etc.
Your pace increases. Bandwidth on dedicated servers is renowned for being high. If your website receives a great deal of traffic, you will need this. Without bandwidth, your website will sluggishly load or, worse, collapse entirely.
Lastly, we must consider the loading duration. Everyone is aware that it is aggravating when a website or page takes a long time to display. 
Although there are a number of methods to improve your website’s performance and a number of suggestions for making your website faster, a dedicated server provides the high performance and stability necessary to ensure that websites and other business functions are operational nearly 100% of the time.
In addition to monitoring and backup services, service providers must provide expedient support to ensure that the service is operational.

Who Needs a Dedicated Servers?

What kind of website do you possess? Do you operate a popular news website? with a large number of full HD images, videos, and other files?
Or do you only have a modest blog, portfolio website, or something similar? If the first scenario applies, you should seek out a dedicated server.
If you choose the second option, however, a web hosting service or even a WordPress hosting service will suffice.

Are dedicated servers more secure than others?

Yes! As discussed in this article, dedicated servers are physically and internally more secure than shared servers.
You’ll have access to a specialised firewall, daily updates, vulnerability checks and scans, backups, and all other actions required for your server.
A dedicated server is the solution if you desire an extremely secure hosting service and wish to defend your “marriage.”

Does a small business require its own server?

It depends. Are you currently profiting from your enterprise? If so, it makes sense to upgrade and enhance the security of your business with a dedicated server moving forward.
But if not, refrain from doing this immediately. As long as you are not profiting from the sale of your product, shared or even VPS hosting will suffice. 
It is less expensive than a dedicated server and offers sufficient security for your business, as well as multiple options, such as administering multiple servers for different categories of businesses.
This will save you money until your business takes off.

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 How Should A Dedicated Server Be Hosted?

Simply select an operating system from CentOS, Fedora, Ubuntu, or Windows OS. If you choose Linux, we recommend a minimal installation of the operating system.
Depending on the system or service you select, you must choose the number of CPU cores, the storage solution, and the amount of RAM for your server. After that, you must install either the Apache or Nginx Web server and determine whether or not to migrate an existing server. 
You should only proceed if you have the necessary knowledge or instructions.

How Much RAM Does a Dedicated Server Need?

Although the majority of dedicated hosting services offer 8GB initially, you should opt for 16GB.
Nonetheless, you can upgrade to 32GB of RAM or even more if your enterprise has grown enormous. You can exceed 128GB and even reach 256GB.

Does RAM Impact the Speed of Dedicated Servers?

The short answer is that it does. More RAM reduces the number of times the server must access the hard drive, which can significantly increase the performance of your server.

Does a Dedicated Server Need a Graphics Processing Unit (GPU)?

GPUs are unnecessary. The servers will operate flawlessly without one. In many situations, GPUs can be useful, particularly if you want to play games or modify videos, but not in this one.

How do I optimize a standalone server?

One of the reasons why people choose dedicated servers is the ability to do anything on the server. In this circumstance, things should be optimized.
With this flexibility, priority parameters can be modified. This will enable you to control the order and duration of specific duties performed by your server. 
By default, the majority of servers operate with a normal priority, but you can alter this configuration to improve the performance of your server and, consequently, the performance of the websites.
In addition, you can make security a top priority, preventing issues such as DDoS attacks.

Final Reflections

As demonstrated in this article, selecting a dedicated server necessitates analysis and self-reflection.
What kind of website do you possess? What kind of business do you intend to establish? What kind of access does it have? This will be my vocation?
No concerns if you still believe it is premature to acquire a dedicated server. You can proceed gradually with a web host, shared hosting, or a VPS if you feel you need something “bigger.”
Remember that these services offer excellent quality, security, and options, as well as fantastic support, particularly if you select the hosting service from HostPapa. 
Which option will you choose? Spend some time and tell us in the comments!